The Walking Dead

Now anyone who knows me well knows I am obsessed with Zombies. I’ve even just started writing a novel about a Zombie outbreak… but that’s a story for another time. What we have here though is a brand new TV series (not airing in Australia yet damn it, so you’ll have to stream it if you can – legally of course!) called The Walking Dead. Based on the comic books written by Robert Kirkmanand lovingly drawn by Tony Moore (for 6 issues – though he still drew the covers up to issue 24), and then Charlie Adlard from issue 7, The Walking Dead follows the survivors of a Zombie apocalypse as they try to find a new, relatively Zombie free home, and the horrors they face simply trying to get by along the way. The survivors are led by Rick Grimes, a police officer before the time of the Zombies, who is recovering in the hospital from a gunshot wound at the time of the outbreak. Trailer and images below so you can gorge your brains out… mmmmm brains…

the walking dead poster


walking dead poster

walking dead issue 42

death by tank


Creepy Cameos

I’ve always had a soft spot for cameos, be they a quick guest appearance in a movie or TV show by someone awesome (like Christopher Walken – damn if that man don’t just get better looking with age!) or the other type of cameo, the old school jewellery type normally associated with Victorian ladies from the 1500s or whenever. So you can imagine the kind of excited flip out I had when I discovered the Cathy’s Jewels shop on Etsy. Forget your boring old lady faced cameos and say hello to pirates and skull ‘n’ crossbones, plus a bunch of other cool designs in colours of all sorts (red, black, lime green – you name it!). And they are really cheap! Cathy also sells the settings for the cameos, so if you dig making your own jewellery this store is your bee hive.

skull cameo

guns n roses cameo

skull lady cameo


pirate cameo

flower cameo

And just because we couldn’t resist…. Christopher Walken

christopher walken

Furniture to blow you away!

Yes it was the pun that had to be taken – check out this amazing furniture created from ex-Soviet landmines – simply stunning. Mati Karmin, an Estonian artist, sculpts these creations from rusted sea mines which had apparently been left at an ex-Soviet Naval fortress on Naissaar Island (Estonia). Thanks to for bringing these to the world’s attention – just imagine how much nicer the planet would be if we all decided not to blow up people and things, and make furniture instead… or something like that – anyway – enjoy!

Lost Puppets

The beautiful illustrations and paintings of French artist Jérémie Fleury have been transformed into a creepy-cute game entitled Lost Puppets. From what I can gather, a two children enter an other world in a kind of theme park ghost train meets Alice in Wonderland scenario, and then must face the horrors inside and navigate the pitfalls of an evil toy factory. I actually have no way of knowing if this surmise is correct however, as all the information I can find so far on this is in French – oh how I wish I could converse Le France! My linguistic shortcomings in no way detract from the beauty of Jérémie’s illustrations however, and there’s even some video below from the Lost Puppets game trailer for you to enjoy. I do hope there’s an English language version as I so want to play this!

Be still my crocheted heart!

What is there not to love about hand crafted squirrels, bunnies and owls? And as if you weren’t overdosing on cute enough just yet, check out these cats in crocheted hats! This bunch of crocheted cool comes to you from the xmoonbloom store on Etsy – our favourite home of hand created goodness. That’s not all you can pick up at xmoonbloom though, and if you’re feeling adventurous and want to create your own crocheted creatures you can even buy patterns at the store which give you all the clues. So if you are a big kid at heart or your cat needs a new do, then drop by xmoonbloom. Meow!

What’s in a number?

Our usual Monday internet travels this morning brought us to the wonderful illustrations of Francisco Perez aka PAC23. From garish monsters to intrepid skeleton space explorers, volatile gun-weilding pandas to Vespa-style scooter kids his inspirations cross the spectrum from reality to imaginary. Based in Miami (USA), freelance illustrator PAC trades his drawings for reddycash, but when he’s not earning a crust through his pen-to-paper endeavours he’s continually creating goodness across the pages of his sketch book, the pages of which you can view for yourself on his website – see if you can find our personal favourite – Pandagator! PAC’s folio provides a happy distraction from the dullness of 9-5 so check it out if you know what’s good for ya!

Creatures of the Night

Vampires, ghouls and things that go bump in the night are the inspiration behind the wonderful works of Rick Dienzo. Devilish vampire mistresses and bloody-lusting gentlemen with impeccable style, and a taste for haemoglobin. Just picture the newly wed bride arising from her vampire grave and taking a stroll in the moonlight after making her first… ah-hem… meal. Yes, there’s a lot of buzz and nonsense around vampires at the moment, definitely one of Nature’s sexier creations to be sure, Zombies being a little too bitey and slightly decomposing… but it’s nice to find someone keeping to the vampire’s more traditional gothic leanings visually. Step aside Vampire Diaries, you pale in comparison!

The good wood

I’m a sucker for laser etched wood. It’s like science fiction meets the wild west in a fit of awesome. Former Pro Skater Robert Lievanos laser etched wood pieces add the extra flavour of illustrational goodness to the mix, leaving us with the amazing pieces below. You can see more of his design love on his website. We recommend dropping by for a spell!

They call me Bond

A friend of mine was blessed with a mighty fine present recently, when another friend returned from Thailand. This came in the form of a present, of which I am extremely jealous. It has to be one of the best James Bond T-shirts I have ever seen – it has everything! Cornball 60s imagery of the Sean Connery James Bond strapped into a rocket pack, or scuba diving, and then surrounded by bikini clad curvaceous ladies represented on three panels – each with its own title – Look Up, Look Down – Look Out! which appears in shiny red foil. Simply too good!

Gypsy Pear Cider

I was over at the North Melbourne Town Hall over the weekend – a place renowned for it’s excellent food – steaks as big as your head and a vegetable shepherds pie that I simply cannot resist each time I go there – but on the weekend upon leaving a friend to go to the bar, I was treated to something I did not expect. Gypsy pear cider. It was a really nice drop, refreshing, mild flavoured and suitably bubbly. A new take on an old summer staple. If you happen to be down North Melbourne way, why not give it a go? You never know, you might like it! Pear cider – who’da thunk it?