An Idiot Abroad 2 – Give away!

Poor old Karl Pilkington… imagine being friends with the likes of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and being sent on all kinds adventures just to entertain them! It’s a recipe for disaster, hilarity and a trip outside your comfort zone. In this series of An Idiot Abroad Ricky and Stephen have the luckless Karl choose from a Bucket List of things to see and do before you bite the big one – from seeing Whales in their natural habitat to climbing Mount Fuji, from flying in a bi-plane to swimming with dolphins that are actually sharks.

Here at Nobody, thanks to those generous and lovely people at Roadshow Entertainment, we have 5 copies of An Idiot Abroad series 2 to give away free to anyone really nice we can find.

To snare yourself a copy simply be one of the first 5 to email us at with the subject line ‘I want to be an idiot abroad’ and we’ll shoot you out a copy quicker than you can say ‘what are you like!’.

Give away open to Australian residents only – sorry!!

an idiot abroad 2

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