Appsolutely and the Lost Muppets adventure

words: Di Thornley
Ahhh… summer holidays, the time where you eat, drink and watch movies until you get
cabin fever. Then comes the challenge; either get out of the house or run the serious risk
of turning into Martha Stuart or Patrick Bateman. Cue a flurry of texts to decide the next
day’s events and a dig around the app store… Bring on the Melbourne City Challenge.

Appsolutely Melbourne provides an exciting individual or group challenge guaranteed to
shift you to the entertaining side of crazy. I’ve often watched the Amazing Race with envy, wanting to run around town under a team moniker answering questions and sleuthing the city. This app is a free install created by the clever people at Bizar Melbourne. It’s designed to be a portal to individual challenges you purchase and download and at $15-25 it’s pretty good value too. Choosing between the lengthiest (Melbourne) and the shorter
St Kilda or Fitzroy Gardens this group of Lost Muppets had an awesome time navigating from clue to icon with ample use of the pause button between questions to ensure our thirst was quenched along the way. These are the holidays, baby, group consensus decides the consumption of a brain aiding beer a must!

Some minor teething glitches aside, (our team name is not on the leader board yet and the photo hasn’t automatically displayed on Facebook) this was a brilliant way to get out and about and learn a little trivia on the side. And being Melbourne residents I do hope we stay near the top of the ladder, it would be rather embarrassing if our interstate friends take the lead.

So if you have a spare afternoon or some visiting friends why not throw down the glove and declare the competition open?

Check it out in the App Store – Appsolutely Melbourne

Appsolutey Melbourne

Appsolutey Melbourne

Appsolutey Melbourne

Appsolutey Melbourne

Appsolutey Melbourne

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