Jae Copp – My Illusions Architect

It’s fair to say I’ve seen a few art shows in my time, and each time I attend an exhibition I am continuously astounded by the sheer amount of tenet we have here in our own backyards. Yet nothing could have prepared me for the awesome that awaited me last night when I went to the opening of the Jae Copp show, My Illusions Architect, at the Gorker Gallery in Fitzroy.

Not only is the detail in the pieces phenomenal, with fine lines and organic styles running through each piece, but each work has been stitched together from a number of panels. I asked Jae about this and he said that he had to draw each panel first and then stitch them together. Wha?! Crazy good. The walls of the space have also had hand stitched hessian attached to them so the whole space is a reflection of the show. I took a few images with my trusty crap camera, but you should definitely get on over to the Gorker and check the show out before it closes.


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