Dreaming Dog Wine

I love a good drop of the old red stuff, and no I’m not talking True Blood styles. A nice glass of red wine after a hard day at the pixel mines has staved off many an overworked, under-slept, fried brain on toast episode. In short it keeps me sane. But still I consider myself to be no wine expert, instead preferring to purchase my wines by the look of the label (although I was once told that apparently 2003 and 2005 were good years – *touches nose knowingly*) and to date I have rarely been disappointed (and that’s a hint and a hallelujah to designers of wine labels everywhere!). My latest find is Dreaming Dog wines. They’re reasonable priced at around $14.99 a bottle, and the label features as super cute dreaming dog (well, what you were expecting a squirrel?!).

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